Monday, 24 August 2015



So, this is a break from blogging about my travels to write about some new products I got in the mail this week, warning: things got a little spendy.
These products include some from Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Kiehl's and more.

I bought all this online at Debenhams and may have spent a little TOO much, oh well, they were worth it!
I tested each product for a couple of days to see how I got on with them, heres how it went.

MAC - Soar Lip Liner - The main reason for buying all these products through the Debenhams website was because Soar Lip Liner is sold out almost everywhere else. After the whole hype surrounding this product I had to get it. Its a deep yet muted mauvey pink that applies matte on the lip, I love it and it goes with Mac 'peach blossom' perfectly, especially when applied just in the centre of the lip. Which leads onto my next review..
Price : £12.50

MAC - Peach Blossom (creamsheen) - I don't LOVE this lipstick when applied by itself, but I do on top of a couple of lip liners such as subculture, nice 'n' spicy and soar. I'm also not a huge fan of the creamsheen lipsticks, purely because they don't suit me as much as the matte, but to solve this just add a small amount of translucent powder to your lips to mattify them, thats when I think this lipstick looks best.
Price : £15.50

MAC - Mineralize Charged Water - Moisture Eye Cream - I am obsessed with this eye cream. It applies thick which I love and sinks in to the skin fast, so I know its working. In just a week it's made my under-eyes appear a lot brighter. I can't recommend this product enough.
Price : £24.50

Too faced - Better than Sex Mascara - Instant length comes to mind when reviewing this product, one coat added unbelievable length and made my eyelashes dramatic. This mascara also adds a LOT of volume. Its simple, the more coats you add the more drama, however I think two coats is just enough.. clumpy lashes aren't a good look on me.
Price : £19

10 Kabuki Brush Set - Believe it or not, I bought this set for £5 off an eBay seller who sells them frequently, if I'm being honest I wasn't expecting much from a £5 brush set but they are insane. They have good quality for such low price and the curved foundation brush is a life saver. If you would like the link leave a comment below the post.
Price : £5

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm - Shade 'Hibiscus' - Burt's Bees is an amazing brand that offers fully natural products, and thats why I love it. This tinted lip balm is also perfect, the shade 'Hibiscus' leaves a light tint of of a deep bitten red shade and is also very moisturising.
Price : £6

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue - Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream - This product very much does have a gel cream formula and applies very smoothly, I like how creamy it is as it blends in to the skin seamlessly and leaves no harsh lines, it almost looks like you aren't wearing a tinted cream at all. I always opt for a tinted moisturiser as I hate wearing foundation, so if you're in the same boat then this product is awesome, its light and doesn't feel as though you have anything thick on your skin.
Price : £20.80

Kiehl's - Clearly Corrective White - Skin Brightening Exfoliator - Kiehl's are hands down my favourite skin care brand and for now, they always will be. This exfoliator isn't too harsh on the skin and doesn't cause any redness, it leaves the skin leaving soft when washing the exfoliator off and once dried your skin feels sooo clean. I'd say this product is brightening, I love the effect it leaves on my skin after use, and I then pair it up with my Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer afterwards. 
Price : £25.50

Charlotte Tilbury / Norman Parkinson Collection - Filmstar Bronze & Glow (Face sculpt and highlight) - Although this product is expensive, I think that it's so worth it. The bronze shade is the perfect shade to contour with and I think it will suit so many different skin tones. The cream based formula allows it to blend in easily using fingers and/or a brush and it creates a natural sun kissed shadow on the face. As for the highlight, it's a golden shimmer and when caught in the light it is beauuuuuuutiful. Must have product and the packaging is unreal (As you can see).
Price : £55
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Thursday, 20 August 2015


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The second stop on our month-long interrail journey was the beautiful city of Rome! Most famously known for its iconic monuments, which by the way, definitely live up to expectations.
We travelled via plane from Malta to Rome which is a quick easy flight of around 1 hour 30 minutes. 
When arriving at the airport in Rome we then took an underground to Rome's central station, which was situated around 15 minutes away from our Airbnb accommodation (although the walk did seem much longer carrying a huge rucksack in 34degree heat).
On our arrival at our accommodation we quickly realised that although our small one bedroom city apartment may have been quirky and lovely, it did not have air conditioning (big problem).
We decided to drop our bags off and head out for the entire day and evening around the city of Rome, our first stop being The Colosseum.

Monday, 17 August 2015



The first stop on our interrail list of 12, was Malta, an island which lies virtually in the centre of the Mediterranean 93km away from Sicily and 288km north of Africa. It is famous for some of its beautiful beaches and amazing scenery and is situated in the same region as Gozo and Comino, which you can get a short boat trip to visit. The capital of Malta is 'Valetta' which is easily accessible, we reached it via bus from St. Paul's Bay.

St. Paul's Bay, Malta.



Sometime around November of last year I decided that during the upcoming summer of 2015, I would travel, although I had not yet decided on where or how long for.
After discussing places I dreamt of visiting to my boyfriend we decided we would spend a month interrailing around Europe. Shortly after deciding this we began looking at places we would visit and places we would stay, our list of places to visit began to grow and grow until we finally narrowed it down to 12 amazing places.
My boyfriend then bought my interrail ticket as a birthday present to me in May, which was a complete surprise as I was more than ready to buy it myself.

For most of our accommodation bookings we used a website called AirBnb, a simple website that allows you to stay in apartments/houses around the world that belong to someone else that you can rent for a set amount of time, in our case only two or three nights in each place as we were constantly travelling.
In other cases we stayed in hotels in places such as Venice, Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Paris. 

After carefully narrowing down our list to 12 exciting places to visit the final list came down to (in order).. 

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