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The first stop on our interrail list of 12, was Malta, an island which lies virtually in the centre of the Mediterranean 93km away from Sicily and 288km north of Africa. It is famous for some of its beautiful beaches and amazing scenery and is situated in the same region as Gozo and Comino, which you can get a short boat trip to visit. The capital of Malta is 'Valetta' which is easily accessible, we reached it via bus from St. Paul's Bay.

St. Paul's Bay, Malta.

Our hotel provided picturesque views over the Mediterranean with hundreds of rowing boats, canoe's and speed boats.
We were staying in St. Paul's Bay Marshall and I, which is the perfect place for close by restaurants, bars and individual unique shops. 
Our hotel had a rooftop infinity pool overlooking the sun bouncing sea, which provided the perfect opportunity for afternoon swim and sunbathing sessions, which is of course how we spent our entire first day (as well as constantly falling asleep when sunbathing and waking up thinking i was in a dream).

Marshall sat on the edge of the infinity pool, Malta.
We spent hours making stupid videos on my GoPro in the pool, of which I have watched the footage over and over again as they make me laugh more each time.

During the night we went for a sunset dinner by the bay and got ready for our boat trip the following day.
The second day, Marshall and I took a 7 hour boat trip and visted Gozo, Comino and Blue Lagoon. 

Blue Lagoon, Malta.

Blue Lagoon is absolutely breath taking, the colour of the water is just phenomenal and indescribable, it is certainly a place I wish to visit again one day very soon.
It's very busy with tourists and many travellers, boats surround the shore and all around you people are cliff/boat jumping and loud music is playing from the cafes at the top of rocks. 
This was one of the best days of my life, seeing so many beautiful things really made me appreciate how lucky I was to be able to take part in this interlining trip.

One of my favourite times of the whole trip was jumping off our boat together with high adrenaline the cold water was certainly a shock to the system, but also refreshing after spending the day in 38degree heat.

As well as a lot of relaxation by the pool and swimming at Blue Lagoon, we also took a day trip to visit the capital of Malta, Valetta. We wandered the cute cobbled narrow lanes of shops and cafes, bars and restaurants and also visited the Upper Barrakka, where we watched the famous canons being fired from above.

Upper Barrakka, Valetta, Malta.

Upper Barrakka gardens, Valetta. 

Malta was a truly amazing place where I'd love to go again and again and would love to return with Marshall. The beaches and sunsets are nothing like I had ever seen before and I now understand why it is a top holiday destination if you're into your scenery. 

Maltese Sunset across the Bay.

There are many places for food around St. Paul's Bay including both chain restaurants such as Pizza Hut and independent traditional Maltese and Italian Restaurants.
We were also lucky enough to visit a vintage Mini Car exhibition during our stay in Malta, which just happened to create an amazing photograph with the sun setting a warm orange tone in the background.

I hope you enjoyed the first post about my interrail trip, the following post will be on my next destination, Rome!
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