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Sometime around November of last year I decided that during the upcoming summer of 2015, I would travel, although I had not yet decided on where or how long for.
After discussing places I dreamt of visiting to my boyfriend we decided we would spend a month interrailing around Europe. Shortly after deciding this we began looking at places we would visit and places we would stay, our list of places to visit began to grow and grow until we finally narrowed it down to 12 amazing places.
My boyfriend then bought my interrail ticket as a birthday present to me in May, which was a complete surprise as I was more than ready to buy it myself.

For most of our accommodation bookings we used a website called AirBnb, a simple website that allows you to stay in apartments/houses around the world that belong to someone else that you can rent for a set amount of time, in our case only two or three nights in each place as we were constantly travelling.
In other cases we stayed in hotels in places such as Venice, Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Paris. 

After carefully narrowing down our list to 12 exciting places to visit the final list came down to (in order).. 

The actual interrail pass itself can be purchased from which offers all kinds of passes ranging from Global Passes to passes just within one country such as Italy for example. 
The interrail pass allows you to take a certain amount of train journeys within the time you are travelling for, so our interrail pass allowed us to make 10 train journeys in total within our month worth of travelling, therefore we also took a couple of aeroplane journey's (Manchester To Malta & Malta to Rome).
Once you receive your pass you the have to fill in the places you will be travelling to on which day and what times your train is, once everything is all filled in and you have ALL your accommodation bookings/train bookings printed you are all set. 
(You do have to make train bookings although you have an interrail pass, if you don't you may find yourself stuck on a 14 hour train with no other choice than to stand or sit in a carriage way on the floor).

I will writing blog posts about each place I visited during my interrail around Europe, telling you the things I did and places I visited within the cities. 
I would recommend anyone I meet to interrail around Europe, such an amazing experience with some breath-taking sights and endless nights that you wish could last forever.

Overlooking the beautiful rivers of Triglav National Park, Slovenia.

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