Friday, 8 January 2016


I haven't written on my blog in a while, purely because I've been enjoying my time off University over the Christmas break to catch up with friends and see my family, so I said to myself "I'll get back to it in January".
This week I'm going to carry on with writing about my interrailing trip round Europe, and coming up next is Venice!

View from the Venice Clock Tower

For our stay in Venice, we decided on staying in a hotel rather than using Airbnb, however, our hotel was a slightly out of the way (we had to catch a bus to Venice then a 'waterbus' to get right into the centre. In future, I'd definitely recommend staying right in the centre of Venice, catching the last bus back to the hotel at night wasn't exactly great. However, Venice as a whole is absolutely beautiful.

On our first full day we spent hours exploring the city of Venice, walking round in the glorious sunshine and taking in the sights. We took a trip up the Clock Tower (as recommended to do so by my brother), to get a full view of the city.

Getting lost in Venice is very, very easy. Hundreds of little passageways and side streets keep you entertained for hours, filled with restaurants, bars, individual retailers and ice cream parlours, getting bored in Venice just isn't possible.. there's far too much to explore!

It's easy to spend a couple of hours sitting in the busy squares, of which there are many within the city, just 'people watching' and watching street entertainment. Marshall and I spent a while sitting on the ground in the sunshine, snacking on a coconut and being entertained by these giant bubbles... (little kids at heart).

We ate dinner that night by the canal (pizza of course) and listened to a guitarist playing nearby. Dreamy.

The following day we took a trip on a Gondola, it only lasted half an hour, but it was worth it, there's just something nostalgic about gliding round the city on an old rickety boat (although they do make them look as grand as possible by adding in velvet covers for the chairs etc...)

I believe that times like this, taking everything in and just appreciating what you have, are hard to come by, I'll remember this day forever and sharing it with Marshall just made it that little bit extra special!

The remaining duration of our time in Venice was spent exploring museums and art galleries. I highly recommend visiting Doge's Palace, an amazing palace visually and also the experience inside is just as good. It's one of the main landmarks in the city, and rightly so. My favourite part was getting to see the old prison cells and chambers, creepy but interesting and eye-opening.

Inside Doge's Palace

We spent our final afternoon in Venice in one of our favourite restaurants, of course it was Hard Rock Cafe. As always, lovely food and awesome atmosphere. Not to mention the setting outside of the cafe situated at the end of a canal.

In our last few hours in Venice, we sat on the side of the canal admiring the sunset and thinking about the next stage of our interrail journey, taking silly photos of each other and of course doing a little more 'people watching'.

Venice is a beautiful place to visit with a partner, in my opinion it's a place that can put things into perspective for you and allows you to visit a true traditional Italian city, a city that is 'sinking' and has so many historic landmarks to visit.

I plan to visit Venice again within the next couple of years, hopefully during the summer again because the weather was perfect.

The next part of our interrail journey was finally leaving Italy and heading to Lake Bled in Slovenia (one of my favourite places in the world).
However my next blogpost will be a makeup post and my write-up all about Bled will be just after that!

Thank you for reading!


  1. I really enjoyed looking at your photos! My heritage is Italian (my Nonna comes from that area - The Veneto) I live in Australia and every time I have been lucky enough to visit Venice I discover so many new things. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. venice is such a beautiful place, so much culture!

  2. I definitely dream about going to this party place again. The live music at event venue Chicago was an added bonus, providing a backdrop for the fun hours spent imbibing, tasting, and chatting up with the breweries and beer distributors.


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