Saturday, 26 March 2016


After my amazing time spent in Italy over the past couple of weeks, it was time to move country, to Slovenia!
We stayed in Bled, right by Lake Bled. A huge beautiful Lake in the northwestern of Slovenia, surrounded my picturesque scenery in the centre of Bled... but it took a LONG train journey to get there.

Lake Bled.

On the Lonely Planet website, Bled is described as "picture perfection" which proved to be true as soon as we arrived. The  sun-bouncing Lake and the medieval castle clinging onto the picture-postcard cliffs surrounding the Lake, everything seemed sublime and relaxing.

My time in Bled was one of my favourite times of the entire interrail trip, it was definitely the most scenic and was amazing to escape the city for a few days.
We explored different areas of Bled including different Lakes.
Canoeing and swimming in a giant Lake enclosed in the wilderness felt so raw and made me truly happy to be there.

During our first day in Bled, we actually took a chair-lift up a mountain in order to go on a slide that takes you down the mountain, I can't recommend doing this enough. As you ride the slide down the mountain you get full scenic views of Bled and can see the Lake ahead of you. Here's a photo I took from the top of the mountain, just before riding the (slightly scary) slide.

Slide down the mountains.

We canoed across Lake Bled which was also amazing, the silence and peacefulness was extremely different to being in the city. We canoed for an hour then got lunch by the Lake.

During our stay in Bled, we stayed in a beautiful apartment with our own double bedroom, en-suite, kitchen, lounge area and balcony overlooking the town of Bled. It was situated just a two minute walk away from the Lake and once again, we used our favourite website to find this apartment, Airbnb.

Lake Bled.

On our second day exploring Slovenia, we took a bus journey up to Lake Bohinj, which dare I say, was even more unreal than Lake Bled.
The Lake was enclosed by picturesque mountains and the water was aqua blue.
We took a picnic with us and ate it right by the Lake, before taking a swim and using the GoPro to get some underwater footage as the water was so crystal clear. Fish were swimming right by us and this was my favourite day in Slovenia.

Lake Bohinj.

After spending a few hours in the glorious sunshine by Lake Bohinj we then took another bus ride up to Vintgar Gorge.
Vintgar Gorge is a 1.6km walkway in which leads you along a trail of wooden bridges to reach the final point of the beautiful walkway, a 13m high waterfall.
The walk along The Vintgar Gorge is covered in waterfalls, pools, rapids and small cliffs. You can instantly feel how clean the air is within Vintgar Gorge as soon as you take in your first breath.
Pictures will never do Vintgar Gorge justice, it is indescribable and you have to see it to believe it.

Vintgar Gorge.

Slovenia and in particular, Bled, is a truly beautiful place to spend a few days. There is so much to do and see and I wish we had longer than 3 days there. You are guaranteed to never get bored of the views and is the perfect place to visit if you want the sunshine and scenery at the same time.

My next post will be on Vienna. 
Thank you for reading!

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